Tall, elegant candle, perfect as a centerpiece with its unique ombre effect
Handmade candle in warm colors, creating a cozy atmosphere in any room
Vibrant and large beeswax candle, reflecting the beauty of Oaxacan art.
Giant candle showing a transition from yellow to orange, ideal for ambient lighting

Yellow Orange Ombre Giant Candle

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This handcrafted masterpiece, made from the finest natural Mexican beeswax, transitions seamlessly from a radiant yellow to a fiery orange, mirroring the hues of a sunset. Each candle is a symbol of the rich candle-making tradition of Mexico, embodying a blend of contemporary aesthetics and age-old craftsmanship.

  • Crafted from natural, high-quality Mexican beeswax
  • Giant size: 34.6" in length and 1.2" in diameter
  • Weighing 1.5 lb for a sturdy and impressive presence
  • Perfect for long-lasting, ambient lighting
  • Ideal as a statement piece for any decor setting
  • Easy to maintain - wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Reflects the traditional and artistic heritage of Mexican candle-making
About the Maker

Viviana Alávez, the heart and soul behind Casa Viviana, stands out in the traditional art of candle-making, a craft deeply rooted in her family for over 300-400 years. Growing up in Teotitlan del Valle, she reimagined this age-old tradition to fit her vision, creating unique wax roses and other flowers. Her dedication and skill have garnered respect and admiration in her community. Viviana's journey, marked by personal challenges and a strong belief in her work, exemplifies the fusion of tradition with innovative creativity.

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