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We make unique, handcrafted rugs + decor.

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About JUBI

JUBI is a Brooklyn-based design brand specializing in unique, hand-crafted rugs and decor. Our collection challenges the mundane with bold decor that encourages conversation, connection, and personal expression. At the heart of our ethos is a commitment to ethical craftsmanship and sustainability. We collaborate with skilled artisans in the United States, Asia, and Central America, using a made-to-order model to reduce our environmental footprint. Alongside our exclusive JUBI creations, we also offer a curated selection of original items made by other talented artists. Explore our full range of rugs, blankets, art, and decor, available through our online shop and at select retail partners.

From Brooklyn with Love

Meet Our Founder

Hi! I'm Cassie, the self-taught textile artist behind JUBI. My journey in rug-making began as a cherished embroidery hobby with my grandmother. I had just moved in with her, it was the COVID lockdown and then I got laid off, so we had ample time to craft together—a continuation of a tradition from my childhood. As I sought to fill our new shared space with unique and colorful items my interest quickly evolved from embroidery to punch needle, weaving, and eventually rug-tufting.

I enlisted my dad for help building a tufting frame and taught myself to make rugs through YouTube tutorials and experimentation. As my creations outgrew our space, I opened an Etsy shop called JUBI, a name coined by my grandma. I made every JUBI piece by hand for three years.

Driven by a belief that every design has the power to create a positive impact, I began partnering with other artisans around the world, aiming to ethically and sustainably expand my collection of unique decor. From Brooklyn, India, Malaysia, Mexico, and Los Angeles, we collectively craft every item in our shop by hand just for you.

Today, JUBI is more than just a brand; it’s a global community of creators and customers who share a passion for unique, handcrafted decor that not only beautifies spaces but also supports sustainable and ethical practices worldwide."

Interested in a chat? I'm available for consulting and am eager to support young artists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses!

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Behind the Scenes:

A Glimpse into Our Colorful World

Tufting an abstract rug.

Painting key holders.

Punch needling an original wall hanging.

Trimming the first Retro Futuristic Rug.

Grandma Lina embroidering.

A rug tufted from yarn scraps.

Using a vintage rug hooking tool.

My first tufting frame, made by my dad and his friend Cesare.

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Design Process

Our designs begin as doodles, sketches, or paintings by Cassie, which are then transformed into tangible art through the skilled hands of our artisan partners. These original creations are printed, sculpted, or woven into our distinctive rugs and decor. With each piece, Cassie aims to infuse your home with a burst of color and joy.

Unique Handcrafted Rugs

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Our Rug-Making Process

Premium Materials, Minimal Waste.

Natural Material Sourcing

We source the finest quality New Zealand Wool and dye it based on your color choices, ensuring vibrant, lasting hues with minimal waste.

Hand Dyed New Zealand Wool

We source the finest quality New Zealand Wool and dye it based on your color choices, ensuring vibrant, lasting hues with minimal waste.

Handcrafted by Skilled Artisans

Our team of artisans hand-craft your rug, using traditional techniques to bring the custom design to life with skill and passion.

Trimmed, Bound, and Shipped

Carefully packaged and ready for its journey, your custom-made rug is shipped directly to you within 2 weeks, ready to transform your space.

Ethical + Artisanal Creations

Our collection transcends the ordinary, blending bold, innovative designs with timeless craftsmanship. Each piece, from rugs to pottery, is sourced from or created by independent artisans and small businesses, ensuring every purchase supports fair wages and sustainable practices. By partnering directly with skilled creators around the world, we not only preserve traditional crafts but also empower communities. This collaboration, rooted in mutual respect and fair practices, enables each JUBI item to carry the soul of its maker, embodying our commitment to ethical production and distinctive craftsmanship.

Meet our partners ↓

📍 India

Danish, Aquib, + Shaquib, brothers who run a small rug-making company their father founded


Klaudia Wcisto, artist and founder of Moi Mili.

📍 Malaysia

Adil Abdul Ghani, raku ceramicist and founder of RAAQUU.

📍 New York

Grandma Lina, who still helps us create and finish pillows + textiles

📍 Mexico

Ana Maria Hernandez, clay-maker and founder of Taller Coatlicue

📍 New York

Cassie still designs + creates decor in a variety of disciplines and curates every product in JUBI's collection

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We introduce new designs monthly, starting with a base model and then handcrafting each piece to order. This approach significantly reduces waste and curtails our environmental footprint by preventing overproduction. By choosing JUBI, you're not merely enhancing your space; you're actively supporting a more sustainable planet. Our commitment ensures that what benefits the environment also benefits you, providing high-quality, custom rugs at accessible prices and promoting environmental stewardship.

Prioritizing the planet.

Why made-to-order?

Every year, the world generates millions of tons of textile waste, with carpets and rugs alone contributing 3.4 million tons to the pile. At JUBI, we recognize the critical need for sustainable practices in the home decor industry. Unlike traditional models that produce excess inventory contributing to landfill waste, JUBI adopts an on-demand production model. We create unique, made-to-order rugs, ensuring that we only produce what our customers need.

*source: EPA

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