Red Decor: Rugs, Throw Blankets, Art Prints + More

From warm burgundy shades to vibrant scarlet hues, discover red decor that can transform your space into a cozy haven of warmth or a dynamic center of passion and energy.

How Red Decor Can Transform Your Mood

Incorporating red decor, like crimson rugs, red wall art, or ruby kitchen accessories, energizes a room's ambiance with warmth and passion. Red tones, symbolizing love and vitality, infuse spaces with a vibrant atmosphere and dynamic presence. From soft roses to deep burgundies, red decor introduces a sense of boldness and excitement, creating an inviting yet stimulating environment that harmonizes with a variety of design styles, offering a unique blend of comfort and intensity.

Red Decor

Explore JUBI's curated selection of red home decor. From deep crimson to bright scarlet, our unique designs will transform your home into a sanctuary of passion and warmth. Discover everything from red round rugs and striped throw blankets to burgundy wall art and maroon throw pillows. Perfect for those aiming to blend modern sophistication with a touch of drama, our pieces are thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted by artists and small businesses.

We believe color has the power to change your mood and cherish red for its energizing warmth and emotional intensity; whatever your desired ambiance, there’s a red to ignite it to life

Red Decor FAQs

Incorporating red into home decor can dramatically enhance a space's warmth and vibrancy. Start with a foundational piece like a burgundy rug or a red and black area rug to anchor the room. Add pops of color with red throw pillows on neutral furniture and introduce red kitchen accessories for a lively touch. For texture and comfort, consider a red striped throw blanket. These elements combine to create a dynamic, inviting atmosphere.

To incorporate red decor without overwhelming your space, start with subtle accents like red throw pillows for your couch or a red throw blanket. These add pops of color without dominating the room. A red runner in your hallway or a patterned rug with red accents can also introduce the color tastefully.

Neutral tones like beige, grey, and white complement red living room decor beautifully, allowing pieces like a red Persian rug or red area rug to stand out. For a more dynamic contrast, consider pairing red with navy or dark green.

Yes, red decor can be suitable for bedrooms when used judiciously. Opt for a burgundy rug or maroon rug to add warmth without overwhelming the space. Red pillow cases or a single red throw on the bed can add a romantic touch.

Consider the mood you want to create. A burgundy area rug or maroon rug offers a sophisticated and cozy feel, while a bright red shag rug or red round rug can make a bold statement. For a balanced look, mix different shades with red pillows for couch or red throws.

Absolutely! Red kitchen decor, from red kitchen accessories like posters for kitchen to red wall art, adds warmth and vibrancy. Consider adding a red runner or red and black rugs for a cohesive look that's both stylish and inviting.

Introduce red accents through red throw pillows, a red throw blanket, or red objects like vases or books. A red area rug or a small red Persian rug can anchor the space with color, while red wall decor or red paintings add interest to your walls.

Balance bold red items, like a red rug or red wall art, with softer textures such as plush white or cream throws and pillows. Incorporate natural elements and materials to soften the look and add warmth to the boldness of red room decor.