One-of-a-kind lime slice key holder, demonstrating its use for hanging small household items in a creative way
Unique hand-painted key holder inspired by a lime slice, adding a refreshing and vibrant look to any wall
Hand-painted lime slice key holder, combining vibrant green hues and realistic citrus design on a wooden base
Artistic and practical lime slice key holder, featuring four durable clear hooks for organizing keys and accessories
Versatile and colorful handcrafted key holder, ideal for keeping keys, jewelry, and other small items organized
Patent-pending lime slice design key holder, showcasing its lightweight structure and unique, eye-catching appearance

Hand-Painted Lime Slice Key Holder

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A refreshing twist for your home, this unique wall organizer is not just a functional item, but a burst of vibrant artistry. Handmade from wood and coated in resin, each key holder is painted to embody the fresh and tangy essence of a lime slice, making it a standout piece in your decor.

  • Elegantly Crafted: Each key holder is a testament to artisan skill, with detailed hand-painting that brings the lively green shades and textured look of a lime to life.
  • Versatile and Practical: Beyond its beauty, this key holder is incredibly practical. With four durable clear hooks, it's perfect for hanging keys, leashes, jewelry, and even small kitchen tools. Its lightweight design ensures it can be hung easily in any space, from the kitchen to the entryway.
  • Easy Installation: We value convenience, which is why this key holder comes equipped with D-rings, making it simple to mount on your wall using nails or command hooks.
  • A Unique Statement: As my original invention and with a design patent pending, this key holder is not just another accessory. It's a piece of functional art that captures attention and starts conversations.
  • Versatile Placement: Whether it's organizing your entryway, sprucing up your kitchen, or adding a functional touch to your office, this key holder fits seamlessly into any setting.

Elevate your home organization with this Lime Slice Key Holder – a perfect blend of functionality, style, and originality.

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So unique and pretty! Looks just like the picture