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Discovering fun designs, embracing bright colors, and inspiring the joy of turning your home into a happy haven.
craftsman with tufting machine making pattern on carpet

What is Rug Tufting and How Does it Work?

Discover the art of rug tufting – a traditional craft revitalized by modern tufting guns for DIY enthusiasts. Learn how this precise process transforms yarn into...
how to choose a tufting gun guide

How to Choose a Tufting Gun - A Beginner's Guide

Explore the different types of tufting guns and find the perfect fit for your rug tufting projects. Get tips on choosing the right tufting gun and...
tufting gun types

Manual vs. Electric vs. Pneumatic Tufting Guns

Manual, electric, and pneumatic tufting guns are specialized tools for crafting rugs and carpets, differing in their operation and skill requirements. Manual guns are hand-operated, providing...
what is a tufting gun

What is a Tufting Gun?

A tufting gun is a handheld device that simplifies the process of rug-making, allowing you to easily create intricate designs with yarn and other materials. With...
best glues for tufting jubi

Best Glue for Tufting

The best glues to use to secure tufted rugs and tufted wall art.
cones of cotton yarn what kind of yarn should I tuft with jubi

What Kind of Yarn Should I Tuft With? Best Yarn for Tufting

The type of yarn you use will impact the texture and durability of your object. Before buying yarn you should consider material, weight, and how much yarn you will need.
Cut Pile vs. Loop Pile Tufting Guns

Cut Pile vs. Loop Pile Tufting Guns

Cut pile tufting guns cut the strands of yarn and form a fluffy front. Loop pile machines retain the loop on the other end.
complete guide of tufting tools by jubi

The Complete List of Tufting Tools

The tufting tools you absolutely need, why you'll need them, the options you have to choose from, and extra tools that improve your tufting quality.
List of Tools for Rug Tufting Jubi

Quick List of Tools for Rug Tufting

Looking to pick up rug tufting but have no idea where to start? We’ve compiled a list of tools you’ll need to start your rug making...
Jubi What is Tufting featured image

The History of Tufting

Learn more about tufting, a method of textile making through which yarn is fed into a backing fabric to make rugs.

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