Orange Decor: Shag Rugs, Art Prints, Candle Holders + More

From warm apricot shades to vibrant tangerine tones, discover orange decor that can transform your space into a cozy haven or a dynamic center of energy and enthusiasm.

How Orange Decor Can Alter Your Room's Mood

Incorporating orange into home decor, such as through orange rugs, orange wall art, or burnt orange kitchen decor, can significantly transform a room's ambiance. Light orange, often associated with warmth and joy, brings a lively and inviting vibe to a space, making it feel more open and cheerful. On the other hand, deeper shades like burnt orange and terracotta, imbue a sense of coziness and earthiness, perfect for creating spaces with a more grounded and comforting atmosphere.

Orange Decor

Explore JUBI's curated selection of orange home decor. From gentle peach to bold tangerine, our unique designs will transform your home into a sanctuary of warmth and vitality. Discover everything from burnt orange rugs and blankets to unique orange wall art and vibrant decorative pieces. Perfect for those aiming to blend modern vibrancy with a sense of comfort, our pieces are thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted by artists and small businesses.

We believe color has the power to change your mood and cherish orange for its energizing warmth and stimulating presence; whatever your desired ambiance, there’s an orange to bring it to life.

Styling an orange room involves layering shades and textures. Start with foundational pieces like orange rugs or a burnt orange rug for warmth. Add depth with an orange throw blanket or burnt orange blanket. Incorporate variety with orange room decor items like orange wall art and orange pillows. For a cohesive look, mix in neutral furniture and decor to balance the orange's vibrancy.

Orange infuses a room with warmth, energy, and a sense of welcome. It can make large spaces feel cozy and intimate, especially when using soft furnishings like burnt orange blankets or orange velvet pillows. Orange decor, such as orange wall art or an orange Persian rug, adds a lively touch, stimulating conversation and interaction.

Yes, orange is an excellent color for a living room as it creates a vibrant, welcoming environment. An orange living room can be grounded with orange rugs and accented with orange living room decor, including throw blankets and pillows, to enhance its inviting atmosphere. Orange and blue rugs can introduce a complementary color scheme that's both dynamic and cozy.

Blue is the most complimentary color to orange, providing a striking contrast that's visually appealing. Incorporating an orange and blue rug or blue accessories in an orange-themed room can highlight this complementary relationship, making the orange pop and the room feel balanced and vibrant.

Green is a color that can calm the vibrancy of orange, bringing a natural, soothing contrast to the space. In a room with orange decor, adding elements like an orange and green rug or green plants can soften the intensity of orange, creating a more balanced and relaxed atmosphere.

Absolutely! An orange and blue rug or orange and teal rug can introduce a playful contrast, while pink and orange pillows add a fun pop of color. Mixing orange with green through an orange and green rug or wall art creates a lively, natural feel.

Trendy orange decor pieces include burnt orange area rugs, orange velvet pillows, and orange abstract wall art. An orange Persian rug or an orange oriental rug can add a classic touch, while an orange shag rug brings texture and coziness to any room.

Yes, orange decor can beautifully complement a minimalist setting. Choose simple pieces like an orange runner rug or minimal orange wall decor to add a burst of color without overwhelming the space. An orange checkered rug or orange abstract rug can serve as a statement piece in a minimalist room.

Accentuate your orange decor with neutral backgrounds or complementary colors. Orange pillow covers, an orange throw pillow, or an orange blanket can pop against a neutral sofa, while orange and blue wall art stands out on a white or light-colored wall.